The Sandwich Book 2017

Do you make sandwiches? Would you like the newest and best recipes to make your lunches more exciting?

The humble sandwich has come on a long journey to become what it is today. Sandwiches are now the mainstay of many people’s lives providing a convenient and portable meal that fits busy lifestyles we all lead.

The BSA Sandwich Book highlights some of the innovation that this now massive industry inspires through some of best recipes created for the British Sandwich Industry Awards 2017. This beautifully illustrated, glossy recipe book is the perfect thing for anyone making sandwiches. Be they for a café, sandwich shop or just your lunch-box.

Make British Sandwich Week special this year with your complete guide to finest sandwich recipes around. This beautifully illustrated book has more than 40 of the best sandwich recipes you'll taste this year!

Buy it now for £7.50 including free postage to UK addresses. (Non-UK customers call +44 (0)1291 636335 to purchase your copy)