Six tips for perfect picnics, the site for sarnie lovers everywhere, has the compiled it’s six top tips for perfect picnics this summer.

Soggy sarnies, insects and sand are all major turn-offs when it comes to an al-fresco afternoon so here’s a few golden rules to make the most of the summer sun.

  1. The perfect spot. Take a look at the ground. Insects and bites can make for a thoroughly unpleasant picnic so just check that the cosy mound you’re about to pick isn’t an anthill. Equally, if you’re in a park or on a beach, do you really want to be right at the entrance as the world and their dogs rush in?

  2. Carrying your food. Picnics by their nature, happen when it’s a lovely sunny day. Consider how you’ll keep your sarnies cool – no-one wants warm, limp, soggy sarnies, except bacteria, that is. Keep yours cool or carry them for the least time possible. Which reminds us…

  3. Buy en-route. The best picnics have a spontaneous, fun element. Don’t waste your time cutting and buttering – get out there, enjoy and grab a sarnie on the go. What’s more, sandwich shops have more choice, better bread and make it fresh. Banish soggy sarnies. We’ve all been there and it’s not pleasant.

  4. Accessorise. A hot beverage is sold with over a third of all sandwiches in the UK (36.1%) and cakes and pastries accompany a quarter (24.8%). Meal deals are always popular but what about summer classics like strawberries and cream or champagne for indulgence?

  5. Duration. Unless you packed some deck chairs, sitting on the ground can become bum-numbing after a while. Have a thought about what to do next. Quite possibly it’s back to work which makes a picnic a perfect lunch-hour getaway. 

  6. Company. Friends, family, colleagues or even a literary great. A picnic is the perfect thing for any occasion. A relaxed, informal get-together.