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Tuna Caesar Club

Competitor: Ben Laws  -  Java

Sandwich Name: Tuna Caesar Club

Target Market: cafe

RRP: £ 5


150g H Smith Food Group Tuna
3 slices granary bread
6 leaves baby gem lettuce
6 fillets anchovy
2 rashers fortunes oak smoked bacon
2 teaspoon parmesan shavings
3 tablespoon caesar dressing

Additional Ingredient Info:

caesar dressing will  be made up in a batch before hand, olive oil,dijon mustard, anchovy,  garlic, parmesan.


  1. toasted granary bread
  2. baby gem
  3. caesar dressing
  4. tuna
  5. bacon
  6. anchovy
  7. toasted granary bread
  8. repeat that layer

top with toasted granary bread