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Korean Amigo Bi Bim Bap Taco

Competitor: Lesley Fong - Greencore

Sandwich Name: Korean Amigo Bi Bim Bap Taco

Target Market: Sandwich Cafe

RRP: £ 4.99


45g Sam Browne Foods British Red Tractor Farm Assured Poultry
100g Sushi Rice
1 sheet Nori
20g Korean Marinade
50g Pickled Vegetables


  1. Press cooked sushi rice into sheet
  2. Brown in skillet until crispy
  3. Apply nori sheet
  4. Remove from skillet and form into taco
  5. Marinade duck with korean dressing
  6. Layer vegetables and meat and sauce
  7. Top with garnish

Additional Method Info:

Using inspiration from the growing trend seen in the West Coast of the US, this entry breaks down the wall between cultures. A new take on fusion showcases the adaptation of an emerging recipe trend of Korean Bi Bim Bap and Mexican tacos. The crispy rice replicates the crispy tortilla taco shell which is filled with layered vibrant vegetables and succulent marinated duck to excite the mind and the senss. Get ready for a Cancun holiday for your Soeul!