This year Pretzel Group is representing Breakfast Sandwich Week. Welcome to our media hub in which you should find everything you need to get involved in our celebratory week. If there is anything further you need or to arrange an interview, please do contact our press office team via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01625 447963. For urgent enquiries please call 07951 605454.

Press Releases

National Releases

Bacon Butty Day Announcement

Don't Go Brekkie My Heart: Best Breakfast Cities

Commuter Eating: How To Avoid A Painful Commute

Coffee To Cope: Map Reveals Coffee Capital of the UK

Regional Releases

Coffee To Cope: Belfast

Coffee To Cope: Brighton

Coffee To Cope: Bristol

Coffee To Cope: Cardiff

Coffee To Cope: Glasgow

Coffee To Cope: Leeds

Coffee To Cope: London

Coffee To Cope: Manchester

Coffee To Cope: Newcastle

Coffee To Cope: Nottingham

Don't Go Brekkie My Heart: Birmingham

Don't Go Brekkie My Heart: Liverpool

Don't Go Brekkie My Heart: Manchester